Made to Order Cast Iron Steel Detachable Chain

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The drop-forged chain is mainly composed of three components: the pin roll, the middle chain ring, and the outer chain sidebar. It can be conveniently assembled and disassembled completely by hand without tools. For instance, the assembly can be easily completed by passing the outer sidebar through the middle chain ring and then rotating the middle chain ring for 90 degrees to engage with the pin roll.

When the chain forms into a ring, it can be utilized as a conveyor chain for heavy loads. Our drop forged chain is often found on the conveying and suspension equipment in automobile, food processing, and steelmaking industries.

Our company is the largest drop forged chain manufacturer. The main products are standard drop forged chains.

No. Pitch Bush diameter Width between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length plate depth Average tensile strength Weight per meter 10FT       LINKS       
P d1       max            b1
d2       max L        max h2       max Q                     min q NO.
mm mm           mm mm mm mm N Kg/m LINKS
442 34.93 14.29        15.88 7.94 50.80 19.05 3402 2.23 88
445 41.40 15.88        17.46 7.94 50.80 19.05 3402 2.38 74
452 38.25 17.46        15.88 9.26 56.36 21.43 3969 3.27 80
455 41.40 15.88        17.46 9.26 57.94 21.43 4139 3.13 74
462 41.50 18.26        20.64 11.11 65.09 23.81 5103 4.02 73
467 58.62 16.67          9.53 7.94 56.36 19.84 3402 2.23 52
477 58.62 20.64         17.46 11.11 64.29 25.40 5443 3.27 52
488 66.27 22.23         23.81 11.11 100.00 23.81 6237 4.61 46
4103 78.11 30.96         28.58 19.05 87.31 38.10 12474 9.23 39
4124 103.20 43.66         31.75 20.64 120.65 44.45 18711 13.69 30

Cast Chain

We mainly specialize in welded chains, cast chains, engineered chains, forged chains, polymerized chains, and sprockets. Along the way, our products have performed well in the US and European markets for decades. All of our standard products are manufactured to ANSI or DIN standards. All our team members are very customer oriented. They work hard to meet your needs. Think about what you want.

Cast Chain

Cast Iron Chain Features

Cast iron chains have a variety of properties and are suitable for a variety of applications.
They are durable and feature forged steel construction. This makes them ideal for pallet conveyor systems and heavy and bulk containers. They are available in various sizes and can be used with drums, bulk containers, cage trays, and drums.

The cast iron chain is high-quality cast iron that meets ANSI standards. They feature fully heat-treated pins and 304-grade stainless steel cotter pins. They are frequently used in drive applications and offer maximum strength and durability in harsh environments.

A smooth surface characterizes the cast iron chain, wear resistance, and rust resistance. They are also durable, reducing maintenance and downtime. They are also recyclable and have a long lifespan. They reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
Benefits of Cast Iron Chains
The advantages of cast iron chains include long life, durability, and low maintenance. It is a cost-effective, durable chain option that reduces energy costs and dewatering pumps. Its high tensile strength and high wear resistance are two advantages of cast iron chains. They are also compatible with traditional and cast stainless steel sprockets.

While steel and cast iron are tough, both materials are prone to wear and tear. Steel wears more easily, but certain alloys can improve wear resistance. Cast iron is also less expensive than steel due to lower material costs and less energy. However, steel requires more time and effort to machine. Therefore, when choosing between steel and cast iron, long-term use and installation should always be considered before deciding on the material.

Cast Chain